Issuers reporting on CGC

Pursuant to Article 42-a of the Listing Rules, a list of joint stock companies that have the obligation to notify in 2024 of the application of the Code of Corporate Governance of the Macedonian Stock Exchange as of 31.12.2023 is published.

No. Company
1 Alkaloid AD Skopje
2 Granit AD Skopje
3 Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje
4 Makedonijaturist AD Skopje
5 Makpetrol AD Skopje
6 Makstil AD Skopje
7 NLB Banka AD Skopje
8 Stopanska banka AD Skopje
9 TTK Banka AD Skopje
10 UNI Banka AD Skopje
11 Stopanska banka АД Bitola
12 OKTA AD Skopje
13 VV Tikves AD Kavadarci
14 Vitaminka AD Prilep
15 ZK Pelagonija AD Bitola
16 Liberti AD Skopje
17 Makedonski Telekom AD Skopje
18 Makedonija osiguruvanje AD Skopje
19 Prilepska pivarnica AD Prilep
20 Replek AD Skopje
21 Teteks AD Tetovo
22 Tutunski kombinat AD Prilep
23 Fershped AD Skopje
24 Hoteli-Metropol AD Ohrid
25 Cementarnica USJE AD Skopje
26 Ading AD Skopje