Liabilities for mandatory notification to the exchange

MSE members are obliged to report to the MSE in the following cases:


  • changing or termination of employment of the director, authorized broker, broker licensed by the MSE to access the BEST system and/or any person who is qualified to follow and obey the laws, other legislations and MSE acts;(please check accuracy of meaning)
  • making amendments to the company’s statute;
  • changing the member’s name or place of operation;
  • editing the data for opening, closing of the member’s subsidiaries as well as changes in the operations of the subsidiaries;
  • recording of changes in the Trade Register;
  • adopting a decision for change of the nominal capital;
  • undergoing significant court and arbitration disputes that come from securities trading or disputes that may cause significant disturbance of the member’s current operation;
  • starting a procedure by the competent body against the member;
  • limiting or revoking the license for operating with securities by the Security Exchange Commission or by the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia;
  • limiting or revoking the license for operation of the MSE member’s employee issued by the Securities Exchange Commission;
  • experiencing other forms of temporary or permanent cessation of the member’s operation;
  • pronounced sanctions against the employees that come from its internal acts according article 7, paragraph 3 of these Rules;
  • starting liquidation or bankruptcy procedures.

MSE members are obliged to submit the stated reports within at least 7 days from the time when the  acts and changes occurred.