MSE Roundtable
Friday, March 28, 2003
On March 28, 2003, at the seventh anniversary of the MSE, MSE organized the roundtable on “Improvement of the securities market in the Republic of Macedonia”. Participants at the roundtable were Mr.Petar Gosev, Minister of Finance of the Republic of Macedonia), D-r Vesna Pendovska (Macedonian SEC), Mr.Robert Singletary (USAID-MFSSP), Msc.Jadranka Mrsic (Chairman of the MSE Board of directors), Mr.Trajce Mukaetov (General Manager, Alkaloid AD Skopje), D-r Tito Belicanec (Faculty of Law Skopje), D-r Mihajlo Petkovski (Faculty of Economics Skopje), Mr.Stevan Sapcevski (Macedonian CDS), Mr.Vladimir Pesevski (SEAF Macedonia) and Mr.Zvonko Stankovski (Macedonian Brokerage Association).